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The following paragraphs will help to compare, prove and judge why our signal outperforms other competitive devices:

Safe T Spin is an aerodynamically designed, 3-sided, highly reflective polyethylene rotor that works as an all-weather warning signal. Provides instant reflective visibility in a 360-degree range, day or night.

Safe T Spin provides superior warning value. The bright, highly-reflective label material we use meets all requirements set forth by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Reflective panels are available in a range of colors to meet a wide variety of safety applications.

Safe T Spin uses simple and rugged construction. Resilient enough to absorb minor hits and in many instances, even severe blows. Manufactured of durable, lightweight, heavy-duty polyethylene.

Safe T Spin is unique because it has features other competitive signals have not included - One of these outstanding features being "Environmentally Friendly". Operates without costly maintenance and contributes nothing to pollution. Contains recycled materials. That means dollars saved on every project.

Safe T Spin brackets are manufactured of 14-gauge steel and are powder-coated to withstand severe weather conditions. All brackets are riveted to the warning signal to prevent theft and to avoid producing flying debris in the event of a collision.

Safe T Spin - Managers of large and small airports, including other contractors involved in construction recognize quality products and savings when they see it. Once a project is completed, contractors are requested to leave signals to be used again on other future projects. Using these signals a second time cuts original costs in half, which is just good business.

Safe T Spin provides superior warning value. Bright, highly reflective label material is manufactured by 3M, and exceeds all requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Check out Safe T Spin in action by downloading one of the following videos:

Minnesota construction site and traffic control Video
Downtown Cleveland bank construction -- Turner Construction Video)

Our Suppliers

Safe T Spin produces a quality product with the help of the following companies:

- 3M Corporation -- All reflective label materials
- Master Craft -- Steel brackets and laser cutting
- Creative Powder Coatings - Elyria, OH
- Quality Blow Molding Inc. of Elyria, Ohio -- Polyethylene rotors