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Recreational Safety
Safe T Spin...
Enhances safety while having fun:
  • Boating and Dockage
  • Bicycling
  • Snowmobiling
  • Camping
  • Horse Trailers
  • Trailing Jet Ski's
  • Mopeds
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This signal provides instant reflective visibility in a 360 degree range to alert oncoming traffic. An aerodynamically designed highly reflective, 3-sided rotor that works as an all-weather warning signal. Spins a luminous whirl of color for maximum visibility and attention day or night.

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  • This signal was developed to create extra safety while transporting loads that extend beyond vehicle's end. Will also contribute additional safety awareness to other projects.
  • Signal is an aerodynamically light-weight rotor designed to spin in the slightest breeze, creating an eye-catching blinking effect both day and night. Covered with 3M's highest quality red reflective vinyl material.
  • To add even more attention, white reflective circles are placed on each side of rotor to create an animated effect when in motion.
  • Clamp was selected to allow for easy attachment and adjustment.
  • A spring was added to eliminate excessive resistance and possible damage to signal.
  • Main axle rod is constructed of fiberglass and will not shatter.

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Transporting horses during the day and night requires much care. Safe T Spin has developed a special highway-warning signal, which will fit readily to any style horse trailer. The bracket design allows easy removal and replacement of the signal as needed. No special wiring necessary. Designed to spin in the wind, demands attention of other motorists. A small investment for safety.

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The BY-500 was the first of many warning signals to be developed. The rotor is manufactured from heavy-duty styrofoam with reflective labels that are visible within a 360-degree radius. The rotor spins atop a shatterproof 5-foot fiberglass rod and can be seen over the rooftops of most oncoming vehicles. A steel bracket attached to the rod mounts on the rear axle of a bicycle. Safe T Spin adds an extra margin of safety when combined with any vehicle's required safety devices.

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The LB-280 has been specially designed to provide visibility to the ends of your low-boy camping trailer.