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Aviation Support
Safe T Spin...
Can bring attention to work areas and other hazardous environments:
  • Landing Strip Markers
  • Runway Closures
  • Heavy Equipment Signals
  • Power Line Awareness
  • Hazardous Off Limit Areas
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The RA-100 (Rubber Adapter) was designed to draw additional attention to the orange traffic cone by adding motion and highly reflective colors. The rubber adapter supports Safe T Spin's warning signal on top of the cone, creating 360 degrees of attention, day or night. The adapter fits easily onto all cones. Recently, a theft-proof warning signal with adapter has become available. Additional information is available on request.

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The STB-300 (Standard Bracket) is one on our most popular signals, because the bracket can be adapted to other safety control devices, such as the orange construction barrel.

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LB-200 (L-bracket) generally is added to the top of jersey cement divider walls for additional awareness, day or night.

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The VRD-50 (Vertical Reflective Disk) will support most lighting problems, whether it be at ground level or from above.
  • A 6 inch diameter disk of 3M's superior Diamond Grade reflective material, creates additional attention from above ground level.
  • All Safe T Spins are custom made and the VRD-50 Disk can be added to the (STB-300) and the (LB-200).
  • The VRD-50 accessory not only adds reflective lighting to helicopter pads, but contributes to Extra Safety.

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Where additional reflection is needed from above ground level - adds not one but two 6 inch reflective disks.
  • Both disks are covered with 3M's Diamond Grade superior reflective material.
  • Selection of colors are available.
  • The VRD-52 accessory will add extra safety to any project.
  • Adaptable to edge marker.
  • Attach to any permanent object.

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The HZMQ-2000 (Highly Visible Quad) whenever you want to be seen above everyone else, this is the signal you want. Great for slow moving heavy equipment and trucks in and around airports. Can be driven at reasonable speeds, has four strong magnets. Twelve colored reflective panels create much attention, (no wiring necessary).

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The DBMS-350 (Police Warning Control Signal) was developed for use by police as a warning signal that can be set up quickly to control traffic until additional help arrives.

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The EM-10-28 was designed so that in the event of a collision with an edge marker a frangible coupling at the base (ground level) will shear off. The marker is installed simply by driving a support stake into the ground and adding the rotor.

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The EM-10-600R (Edge Marker) airport landing strip marker is F.A.A. approved. It is ideal and affordable for medium and small airports. No wiring is necessary, some use signal for edge markers. Plastic spring at base cuts costly damage. Colored panels and flexible stakes are available in colors.

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  • The VRD-53M is an accessory that can be attached to the top of the rotor of a EM-10-600R edge marker.
  • This has been designed to aid helicopter pilots while landing during night time hours.
  • Two 5" disks covered with 3M's reflective label material not only creates horizontal awareness, but also vertical attention while rotating simulaneously with the main rotor.

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When extra safety is required from the 42 inch orange safety cone, you can always depend on a STB-LR-350 to get the job done.
  • Where there is noise, traffic and signs competing for attention, Safe T Spin's spinning motion along with appropriate bright reflective colors, demands attention over all.
  • Safe T Spin , is virtually maintenance free since it uses no external power source.

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NEW ! ! This product was developed to make power lines more visible, day or night. Spinning rotors with highly reflective panels (white for night, red for day) demand maximum attention and visibility. The product can be attached to power lines in a matter of minutes.