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Utility and Service Vehicles
Safe T Spin...
Can be used for a variety
of service needs:
  • Street Repair - Municipalities
  • Traffic Light Maintenance Trucks
  • Landscapers
  • Driveway Contractors
  • House Painters
  • Tree Trimming
  • Cable Service
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The RA-100 (Rubber Adapter) was designed to draw additional attention to the orange traffic cone by adding motion and highly reflective colors. The rubber adapter supports Safe T Spin's warning signal on top of the cone, creating 360 degrees of attention, day or night. The adapter fits easily onto all cones. Recently, a theft-proof warning signal with adapter has become available. Additional information is available on request.

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The STB-300 (Standard Bracket) is one on our most popular signals, because the bracket can be adapted to other safety control devices, such as the orange construction barrel.

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The AF-250 (A-frame Bracket) was designed specifically for A-frames.

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(Designed especially for the U.S. Postal Service) trucks, making frequent stops had many side and rear end accidents, some fatal. A mirror clamp-warning signal proved to be very successful. It created additional attention to the vehicles.

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Transporting horses during the day and night requires much care. Safe T Spin has developed a special highway-warning signal, which will fit readily to any style horse trailer. The bracket design allows easy removal and replacement of the signal as needed. No special wiring necessary. Designed to spin in the wind, demands attention of other motorists. A small investment for safety.

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The HZMQ-2000 (Highly Visible Quad) whenever you want to be seen above everyone else, this is the signal you want. Great for slow moving heavy equipment and trucks in and around airports. Can be driven at reasonable speeds, has four strong magnets. Twelve colored reflective panels create much attention, (no wiring necessary).

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The DBMS-350 (Police Warning Control Signal) was developed for use by police as a warning signal that can be set up quickly to control traffic until additional help arrives.

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Safe T Spin not only creates extra attention for wide load trucks during the day with its spinning motion and bright colors, but demands attention at night as well. After dark red warning flags lose their effectiveness and that is when Safe T Spin really stands our with it's reflective colored labels spinning.

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This product features clamps that allow easy repositioning of the signal. It is convenient for applications such as farm tractors and equipment in tow that would benefit from the enhanced visibility of warning signals.