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The Vertical Plus was developed to support pilots of aircraft, especially those involved in "Life Flights" to identify specific landing areas of importance.

The signal displays the maximum degree attainable from reflective light at ground level.

The Vertical Plus is an aerodynamically designed reflective rotor that works as an all-weather signal by spinning a luminous whirl of color for maximum visibility day or night. Vertical Plus provides instant visibility in a 360-degree range and will also systematically provide the same features verticallyl.

The Vertical Plus can be attached to a permanent object as well as an edge marker, using the standard bracket. Our rubber adapter, which fits on top of any orange safety cone is still another option, allows a variety of positioning.

  • All Safe T Spin Signals are custom made and the VRD-52 Disk can be added to a majority of our signals.
  • The VRD-52 accessory not only adds reflective lighting to helicopter pads, but contributes to Extra Safety.