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This signal provides instant reflective visibility in a 360 degree range to alert oncoming traffic. An aerodynamically-designed, highly reflective, 3-sided rotor that works as an all-weather warning signal. Spins a luminous whirl of color for maximum visibility and attention day or night.

  • A lightweight rotor is attached to the top of a 5-foot fiberglass rod, which will not shatter in the event of a severe blow
  • Rotors are constructed of two kinds of materials, one is of styrofoam and is available in two sizes (4" and 8" in height)
  • A second rotor is made of durable polyethylene which rotates on top of a steel bearing. Guaranteed not to crack in cold weather - Available in a 9" size
  • All brackets are made of 15-gauge steel and powder-coated to prevent rusting - the bracket is black in color

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