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Construction and Traffic Control
Safe T Spin...
is available for a variety of construction applications:
  • Cones
  • Barrels
  • Works Sites
  • Highway Cement Divider Walls (Jersey Walls)
  • A-frames
  • Traffic Sign Enhancement
  • Heavy Equipment
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The RA-100 (Rubber Adapter) was designed to draw additional attention to the orange traffic cone by adding motion and highly reflective colors. The rubber adapter supports Safe T Spin's warning signal on top of the cone, creating 360 degrees of attention, day or night. The adapter fits easily onto all cones. Recently, a theft-proof warning signal with adapter has become available. Additional information is available on request.

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The STB-300 (Standard Bracket) is one on our most popular signals, because the bracket can be adapted to other safety control devices, such as the orange construction barrel.

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LB-200 (L-bracket) generally is added to the top of jersey cement divider walls for additional awareness, day or night.

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The AF-250 (A-frame Bracket) was designed specifically for A-frames.

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The CB-950 (C-Bracket) was developed to protect pedestrians walking near dangerous construction sites. The addition of a theft-proof bracket ensures that the product is secure.

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The DB-STB-300 (Double Standard Bracket) was created to attract maximum attention to a construction area through motion and light.

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The SGN-20 (Double Rotor) demands plenty of attention when attached to a warning sign. Many warning signs go unnoticed because of other signs competing for attention. But the SGN-20's two spinning rotors and six-color blinking panels really catch the eye.

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When extra safety is required from the 42 inch orange safety cone, you can always depend on a STB-LR-350 to get the job done.

  • Where there is noise, traffic and signs competing for attention, Safe T Spin's spinning motion along with appropriate bright reflective colors, demands attention over all.
  • Safe T Spin , is virtually maintenance free since it uses no external power source.